2022-02-02 16:00:42
4.2 10 618

Season: 1 Episode: 4

Episode Type: Ordinary Episode Title: Episode #1.4

Kaci Walfall, Kevin Brown, Brian Brightman
Follows a young woman and her hero's journey.
  • 11 Jan 2022 Released:
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File Name: Naomi.S01E04.720p.HDTV.x264-SYNCOPY-HI

Name: naomi_s01e04_720p_hdtv_x264-syncopy-hi

# Start End Meta data Lines
1 00:00:0.100 00:00:1.797 [NAOMI]<i> Last time on&
2 00:00:1.802 00:00:4.563 [DEE] Having powers doesn'
3 00:00:4.568 00:00:7.695 [ZUMBADO]<i> I didn'
4 00:00:7.700 00:00:9.630 <i>Her powers are beginn
5 00:00:9.635 00:00:12.234 This world isn't safe anym
6 00:00:12.239 00:00:13.335 [NAOMI]<i> Thanks for th
7 00:00:13.340 00:00:14.669 [NATHAN]<i> Anything for
8 00:00:14.674 00:00:16.938 Even though you, uh, dumped me
9 00:00:16.943 00:00:18.974 It doesn't changethe way I
10 00:00:18.979 00:00:21.675 [NAOMI]<i> I was able to
11 00:00:21.680 00:00:23.744 It says "The Twenty-Nine&#
12 00:00:23.749 00:00:25.280 [JENNIFER]<i> We havesom
13 00:00:25.284 00:00:26.513 [NAOMI]<i> What is this?
14 00:00:26.518 00:00:28.018 This is where we found you.
15 00:00:30.122 00:00:33.888 ["LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOO

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